Godlike Burger now free on Epic Games Store

godlike burger cover

Do you like hamburgers, fast food, aliens, and gore? If that is true, then Godlike Burger is the game for you. In Godlike Burger, you have to manage the craziest restaurant in the galaxy.

Stun, poison, and kill customers and turn them into hamburger meat. Your customers will love doing cannibalism. But be careful; you must not leave any witnesses.

Many aliens come in the daytime to your restaurant and eat your delicious burgers, but also to be killed and chopped up. Freezers don’t fill up, do they? You can attack them head-on with your trusty cleaver or use different pitfalls to get rid of them in more inventive ways.


During night, you’ve got time to upgrade your equipment, traps, buy supplies and prepare secret sauces. Perhaps the cops are starting to suspect you? Move your restaurant to another planet or pay a bribe. Don’t have to worry about annoying cops while you’re trying to become the most famous burger restaurant in the universe!

If you want to download it, just go to Epic Games Store and add to your library.


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