Our Life on Water has been announced for PC

Our Life on Water cover

Different Tales, an acclaimed Polish studio and publisher, has recently announced the development of a captivating life-simulation RPG titled Our Life on Water. This enchanting game draws inspiration from the floating villages situated along the Mekong River.

Scheduled for its initial release on PC in Early Access in 2024, Our Life on Water allows players to immerse themselves in the role of Rivertalker, a protagonist who endeavors to restore and safeguard a community shattered by the influence of the modern world.

Our Life on Water incorporates the serene mechanics of farming, crafting, and building, but distinguishes itself by taking a more mature approach compared to conventional life-simulation games. Infused with the evocative essence of magical realism, the game aims to narrate a touching tale of a once-beautiful world in decline.

The game is set in Sahakom, a fictional country that draws inspiration from the real-life waterborne settlements found in Cambodia and Vietnam. This extraordinary region grapples with environmental perils, societal challenges, and conflicts that are intricately woven into the game’s captivating storyline. Assuming the role of Rivertalker, players will embrace a simple yet fulfilling existence, engaging in daily tasks such as boating, fishing, diving, and animal husbandry, among others.

Along the way, they will forge meaningful connections with the locals, explore the depths of love, and frequently encounter morally challenging decisions that shape the course of the narrative. As the threats posed by the modern world continue to escalate, Rivertalker will find solace and guidance in the River Spirits, accompanied by the conversational otter, Yla.

Our Life on Water Key Features

Life-sim focused on relations

Focused on interpersonal relationships, this life-simulation game immerses you in a serene floating village. Utilize your charm and intelligence to foster connections between individuals. Discover the means to establish a resilient community, where mutual assistance and endurance during challenging times prevail.

Immerse yourself in a magical realm

Indulge in the captivating monsoon landscapes, inspired by Cambodia, but with a touch of the supernatural. Reside along the river, venture into the enchanting land of Sahakom, and embark on boat journeys or underwater explorations to unravel the mysteries of the past. Unearth mystical artifacts and navigate interactions with the River Spirits to rebuild your community, all with the aid of your loyal shape-shifting companion, Yla – a talking otter.

Familiar gameplay, reimagined on the river

Engage in activities such as collecting bamboo and debris, recycling, crafting, constructing river-based structures and houses, fishing, collaborating with fellow villagers, tending to plants and crops, breeding animals, and embarking on exploratory swims and dives. The river setting adds a distinctive essence to each of these mechanics, infusing them with a unique flavor.

A narrative-driven journey with consequential choices

Embark on a story-rich adventure within a tightly-knit community, where traditional values clash with modernity, cultural heritage hangs in the balance, and environmental equilibrium teeters on the edge. Your decisions hold the power to shape the entire community and determine the appearance of the village. Can you foster unity among the villagers, enabling them to support one another?


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