Moses & Plato – Last Train to Clawville: Demo Review

Moses and plato demo review cover

Moses & Plato – Last Train to Clawville is a new point-and-click adventure developed by the creators of Chicken Police, The Wild Gentlemen. It’ll be published soon by Toge Productions and will be available on Steam. We had the chance to play the demo of Moses & Plato before its release.

Moses & Plato takes place in the same world as Chicken Police, but in an earlier time. This adventure presents us with a new couple, Moses, a Fox detective, and Plato, a Pallas cat, a former military man and Moses’ assistant. The unlikely duo and Victorian atmosphere recall Sherlock Holmes’ adventures.

Moses and plato screenshot 1

In this adventure, we will be in charge of the protection of an ambassador who is on a diplomatic visit to Clawville. Our task will be to escort him on board the Clawville Express for the whole of his journey. But of course, something will go wrong. We have to find a way out of a complicated situation.

Moses & Plato is a point-and-click detective game where we have to use all our detective senses to find clues. We will be able to rely on our keen eyesight, sense of smell and hearing. Using our animal senses, we will be able to probe the environment and gather evidence that we can then use in interrogations.

Moses and plato screenshot 2

A key aspect of Moses & Plato is to interrogate all suspects and decide whether they are telling the truth or lying based on the evidence we have. This interrogation mechanic, where our decisions play an active role in the course of the plot and investigation, is also used in Chicken Police and Brok the InvestiGator.

As in Chicken Police, at the end of each interrogation we receive a score based on the effectiveness of our deductions. We can also repeat the questioning to try and get more information.

Moses and plato screenshot 3

Any action we take, especially interrogations, takes time to complete. In Moses & Plato we will have to manage our time before the train reaches its destination. This means that at some point we will be forced to choose which actions to prioritise, as we cannot do them all.

In Moses & Plato, both the setting and the characters have been crafted with great care and attention to detail. Adding to the depth of the work is the presence of immersive voice acting, even if it is not 100% complete at the moment.

As short as this demo is, the dialogue is already full of humour and witty banter, and the characters have unique and well-characterised personalities. They are easy to like after just a few lines.

With these excellent qualities, we look forward to continuing our investigation in the full version of the game.