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Ahro is Coming to PC and Nintendo Switch this Year

Publisher Nakana.io has announced the upcoming release of a new title for Steam and Nintendo Switch in 2024. The game, called Ahro, is a side-scrolling adventure developed by Oeh Interactive, a Detroit-based studio led by Joel Vile.

Ahro’s story revolves around a protagonist who experiences distressing and frequent breakdown episodes. Despite finding only mild relief from herbal medicine, he embarks on a quest to find a legendary miracle cure in a land occupied by an imperial force.

Players will have the opportunity to explore a captivating and distinctive world. Ahro possesses the ability to release his spirit and soar into the sky, uncovering new items, locations, and secrets. As they progress, players will face challenges in accessing unreachable areas, but their curiosity will be rewarded with discoveries and insights into the landscapes they traverse.

This extraordinary side-scrolling adventure unfolds in a fictional world rich in history and profound lore. The game’s themes aim to be contemporary and relatable, offering ample room for reflection and interpretation.

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