#DRIVE Rally Has An Official Gameplay Trailer

Drive rally Has An Official Gameplay Trailer cover picture

Pixel Perfect Dude has released a new trailer for #DRIVE Rally. From a roster of up to 36 legendary rally cars, to the more than 400 kilometers of winding roads and paths that you will be able to drive with keyboard and mouse, gamepads, or even racing wheels. #DRIVE Rally will be sliding into Early Access on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG.com) and Mac this autumn, and on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch in 2025.

#Drive rally screenshot

#DRIVE Rally is an arcade-inspired rally-driving experience set in the golden racing era of the ’90s. Experience the thrill of rally racing with passionate co-drivers who react dynamically to your driving, offering both praise and critique while helping you navigate the twists and turns of every stage. Explore diverse rally landscapes, from the lush, evergreen forests of Holzberg in Germany to the twisty, arid roads of the American southwest, each offering its own set of challenges.

As you can see in the gameplay trailer, there are various car customization and performance upgrades. A stunning photo mode and an interactive co-driver that will blame us for our mistakes and praise us for our successes.

Our wish is that #DRIVE rally will be a success and we look forward to playing it. In the meantime, you can add it to your wishlist.


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