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Available Now! Dino Adventures and Cozy Farming Combine in Paleo Pines

Ranching is fun, but wouldn’t it be more fun with dinosaur pals helping you grow your farm? Time to find out, as Paleo Pines is available now across PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!

Take a look at the wonderful world of dino ranching on an island inhabited by friendly dinosaurs:

When you’re not creating the farm of your dreams, why not stop into town and chat with the locals? Not in the mood? Hop onto a dino buddy and get to exploring, as the world of Paleo Pines is full of gorgeous landscapes to discover.

Cheeky dinosaurs roam the wild areas of Paleo Pines, waiting to become your friends. Coax them to your farm by mimicking their calls with your flute, then give them a tasty treat and trustworthy nose boop to keep them by your side! Gain a multitude of dinosaur friends by building trust and creating cozy pens for your newfound buddies.

With in-depth character customization and a broad selection of styles, you can turn your plot of land into the dino ranch of your dreams, and with deep customization options you can dress it, and yourself, in the style of your choosing. It’s up to you and your companion, a delightful Parasaurolophus named Lucky, to uncover the mysteries of the island. Of course, you can befriend all of the dinos you can find along the way!

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