Crime Scene Cleaner gets its DEMO out!

In the heart of intense turmoil, compassion rarely crosses the minds of criminals. The aftermath is a mess of spilled blood and a scene of utter chaos. Yet the mafia rarely seems to worry about the consequences, as all they need is just one call. They have THE guy to clean all their messes. Well, that guy is you.

Step into a world where precision cleaning is your ticket to success – the goal is to erase all signs of bloody murders. You’re the ultimate pro, and right now, your skills are non-negotiable.

Brace yourself for the ultimate test. Uncover the tales hidden behind each gruesome murder as you strive to make everything seem… normal. Clear away bodies, evidence and reorganize the crime scene. Make money out of the victim’s belongings but be careful not to get caught. You must stay one step ahead of the police. Better keep those doubts at bay, and make your exit before anyone catches on.

Crime Scene Cleaner’s demo provides an initial glimpse into the game, allowing players to take a sneak peek of the full experience before its official launch – for free. The demo serves as an introduction, showcasing the world of the protagonist’s crime scene cleaning struggles.

You can get demo directly from Crime Scene Cleaner’s main Steam page. The demo will also feature as part of the STEAM NEXT FEST. The demo version does not contain all the features available in the full game release.

Crime Scene Cleaner screenshot 2

Key Features

  • Deep Clean Toolkit – A good cleaner always has to be prepared with more than just one cleaning tool. There are different types of dirt and to efficiently get rid of it all you should also use different types of tools. A sponge will prove itself useful against minor stains or those on fragile items. On the other hand, a mop is great for cleaning all kinds of rooms, but sometimes it is not enough. When the mess becomes too much, whip out the power washer and deep clean outside spaces.
  • Murderous Stories – Every place you’ll visit tells its own story. Uncover the truth to expand your understanding of the crime scene. Learn about culprits’ motives and use that knowledge to be even better at your job than you already are. Well… that or you may just simply take advantage of victims’ misfortune for your additional gain.
  • Move, Adjust, Destroy – Lots of things can be found on the crime scene and your job is to put them in a proper place. Why not take out the trash first? Move the pieces of furniture around correcting their placement. You may find some of them not fit for further use, that would be better off destroyed. But hey, who doesn’t like some little fun destruction time?
  • Arm’s Race – Sometimes the equipment you have is not enough and needs extra swoosh. If your mops and sponges stop being enough to handle dirtier cases, just get new ones. Better ones! Equip yourself with a set of [bright] lamps, try out different power washer nozzles. So, before every mission, check your storage and inventory, as you may need something better.
  • Out of Radar – Just to remember, your job is far from legal. Suspicion meter measures all of your mistakes and greedy deeds. If its value gets too high, you will fail the mission, now forced to face the consequences. Doing a good job and fooling the police is the only way to avoid long jail time for you and your employers.
  • Cleaner’s Sense – The game introduces you to a special mechanic that represents an exceptional type of intuition your character has developed over long years in the cleaning industry. Cleaner’s Sense is a skill activating a special kind of vision which highlights every element of the crime scene, making your job easier.
  • Deep Pockets – Make money in any way you can! Mobsters are known for being generous, but sometimes that’s not enough. And certain objects may be too tempting. Who is going to miss this expensive watch? The owner’s already dead.
  • It’s About Family – With all the gruesome things you will see and do at every job, you must not forget that you are doing this for your daughter. The life of a single father has its challenges and you need to overcome them all.
  • No Proof No Crime – Even though obviously all those murders DID happen, not everyone has to know it, right? Clean up the place to perfection. Don’t let the bodies be found and destroy crucial pieces of evidence. That is the proper way to deal with the crime rate in the neighborhood.

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