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Death Noodle Delivery Releasing a Demo on Steam

Milan based developers Stupidi Pixel and Tiny Pixel alongside publishers Troglobytes Games, are proud to launch the brand new demo for Death Noodle Delivery on Steam for PC right now, with the full game out on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation in 2024.

Death Noodle Delivery is an action-packed, food-delivery and narrative game set in a dark futuristic world where purple strobe lights, giant pot-holes, and ruthlessly rude bosses make a delivery driver’s job far from pleasant.

Play as Jimmy, a kid with a moddable hoverboard, and get ready to duck from powerful weaponry, dodge incoming traffic, evade chemicals and deliver your food to clients without pissing off your boss or getting killed in the process. Your survival and your job depend on your ability to navigate dangerous streets swiftly, upgrading your hoverboard by hacking your way to new abilities, and building meow-xplosive “Cat Bombs!”

Game Features

  • Fast-Paced Action Delivery: Take control of Jimmy as he zips through the gritty streets on his hoverboard, ensuring that no noodle goes undelivered.
  • Hack & Bomb: Customize your hoverboard with unique abilities by hacking it, including the ability to deploy explosive cat bombs. Unleash chaos and mayhem as you deliver your noodles.
  • Discover the Dark Secret: Dive deep into the narrative as you interact with the city’s inhabitants, uncovering their hidden stories. Survive long enough, and you might unveil the secrets lurking below.
  • Try Not to Get Killed: As you ride through the perilous streets, you’ll encounter various dangers, from cyber trucks to unpredictable obstacles. Keep your wits about you and your hoverboard ready for anything.
  • Banging Cyberpunk Tunes: Leveling up the cyberpunk feel with futuristic vibes is a full soundtrack featuring nine unique tunes for the highs of the delivery phase and the lows of finding out your toilet’s clogged!
Death Noodle Delivery screenshot

“We’re very proud to have reached this stage of our development journey, a demo that we’ve been eager to showcase, and that has been a blast to develop, is finally going to get played starting today!” said the developer duo of Stupidi Pixel and Tiny Pixel “Our previous releases were much smaller, testing the waters and learning about the Steam ecosystem. With Death Noodle Delivery, we’re bringing all our experience together, hoping that players will enjoy the quirky, brutal, futuristic world we created!

“Death Noodle Delivery mixes fast-paced action gameplay of life-threatening noodle deliveries with a toned down, narrative story that leads you deeper into a world that’s equally rotten as it is charming!” said Saverio Caporusso, CEO and Game Designer at Troglobytes Games. “For anyone looking to take a leap into the dark, where hacking your hoverboard, searching for futuristic drugs to get high on and avoiding death are the status quo then, try the demo today and let us know your thoughts.”

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