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dotAGE coming today on Steam

Michele Pirovano, solo italian developer, is excited to reveal the launch trailer for dotAGE, the turn-based survival roguelite village-builder inspired by worker placement board games, releasing today 4th of October 2023 on Steam for PC, macOS, and Linux.

Play as the prophetic elder of a secluded village, and help your Pips against the incoming Apocalypse.

Build your village and assign your workers to their daily tasks, grow crops, herd animals, bury corpses, forge tools, upgrade buildings, train professionals, and produce dozens of resources. Take your time and think carefully before passing the turn.

Unlock new mechanics as the memories of the elder return, such as the VIPs and stories of new elders. Find out what caused the Apocalypse!

dotAGE is an innovative blend of turn-based village building, worker placement mechanics, and roguelite mechanics. dotAGE will be available in about 1 hour on Steam.

Game Features:

  • turn based with mechanics inspired by board games;
  • roguelike: each run will be different;
  • for everyone: multiple difficulty levels.

This game is a love letter to the games of my childhood, made with passion in 9 years in the little spare time I got by a single developer from Italy.
The music of the game is real medieval music, taken from the Montpellier Codex, rearranged by Luigi di Guida.
I hope you enjoy the world of Dotage!

Michele Pirovano

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