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GIANTS Software announce Farming Simulator Kids

GIANTS Software, the publisher and developer, announces Farming Simulator Kids, a new game aimed at introducing the younger generation to the vibrant and enjoyable world of farming and nature. This brand-new game, set to release in Spring 2024, will be available on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, catering to all age groups.

Farming Simulator Kids offers a playful and varied agricultural experience, inviting young players to immerse themselves in the cozy life of a farm. The game focuses on providing education and entertainment in a child-friendly environment, with an emphasis on audiovisual presentation rather than text. Virtual neighbors, including anthropomorphic animal characters, interact with players, expressing their needs for assistance and requesting help with tasks such as crop harvesting or sandwich preparation.

Children can explore different farm locations, cultivating and harvesting healthy crops, as well as caring for adorable farm animals like cows, chickens, and geese in their stables. The game features a range of machines from renowned manufacturer John Deere, ensuring that big tractors and other vehicles are readily available for kids to operate. Throughout their farming adventures, players can create memorable and educational stories, which are rewarded with achievements and can be captured using the video creator mode.

Key Features:

  • Graphics, music, and sound effects are designed to be child-friendly.
  • Character creator offers a wide range of styles and possibilities.
  • Players can explore multiple locations, including a farm, barn, and market.
  • Over 10 crops can be planted and harvested, with over 75 food items and 100 objects available.
  • Vehicles and tools from John Deere, the world’s largest agricultural brand, are included.
  • Players can befriend and care for both domestic and wild animals.
  • Activities include field tasks, driving vehicles, gardening, and making sandwiches.
  • An achievement system is included, as well as a video creator mode.

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