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Growth has been announced for Nintendo Switch

Publisher Assemble Entertainment is excited to announce that the relaxing puzzle game Growth will be making its way to Nintendo Switch on December 21st, 2023. Growth was initially released on Steam on October 16, 2023, and it is also compatible with Steam Deck. You can read our review of the Steam version.

Growth, developed by VoodooDuck, is a delightful soft-strategy game set on a hexagonal-grid. Immerse yourself in a procedurally generated world and utilize the unique abilities of various animals to explore and populate the land. This game seamlessly combines the joy of cozy exploration with the challenge of navigating around obstacles.


Collaborate with the animals to populate and expand the procedurally generated landscape. As you expand, you will encounter different animals, each possessing their own special abilities that will aid you in overcoming the numerous obstacles within the game. Strategically connect clusters of wildlife to explore and expand an ever-growing map. Lay claim to newly discovered clusters or points of interest to receive additional wildlife or even special rewards.

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