High School Hills: Dreams and Nightmares cover

High School Hills: Dreams & Nightmares Has Been Announced

Today we are talking about a new upcoming indie game from the solo developer LeonIveyGames. High School Hills: Dreams and Nightmares is a narrative-driven game where dreams and reality blend in fascinating ways. Players will play as Bow, a city kid who moves to a small town, only to find that his dreams and nightmares are infiltrating into the real world.

The game invites players to explore high school life while battling foes from their subconscious, making choices that impact both worlds. It’s an adventure that promises a gaming experience unlike any other.

High School Hills Dreams and Nightmares screenshot

In High School Hills: Dreams and Nightmares you have to deal with two different world, the real world and the dream realm. Each world is unique with different challenges and puzzles. While travelling through these two realms, you have to face off creepy creatures in real-time combat.

Will we unveil the mysteries of High School Hills? Meanwhile add the game to your Steam wishlist, and stay connected on OneUpNerd and on developer’s Instagram page (_leoniveygames) to have updates on High School Hills: Dreams and Nightmares.

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