Mithra, Prologue ready for Steam Next Fest

mithra demo steam next fest news cover

The upcoming summer edition of Steam Next Fest will be full of new games, and today we want to talk about Mithra.

Mithra is an indie adventure game developed by Seventh Disorder, a studio made up of artists, writers and developers who work together to create a compelling story.

Mithra screenshot

In this adventure, the main character is Kyra, a young girl who receives a mysterious email that changes her whole life, taking her on a thrilling adventure from the colourful quarters of London to the twisting depths of Beijing’s back alleys.

The developers promise that Mithra will immerse you in a surreal tale of corruption, evil and power that revolves around the ancient cult of Mithraism.
We hope that this promise will be kept and we are looking forward to the release of the prologue sets on the 11th of June during the Steam Next Fest.

Check it out on Steam and add to your wish list.


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