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Monster Loves You Too! is out Now on Steam, Switch, and iOS

The newly released graphic novel adventure, Monster Loves You Too!, is now available on Steam, Switch, and iOS. This captivating sequel, illustrated by hand, continues the captivating story of the highly acclaimed 2013 game, Monster Loves You!, developed by Dejobaan Games and Radial Games.

Set in the city of Asch, nestled beneath ancient Human ruins, players will embark on a thrilling journey where they must navigate the challenges of finding sustenance, forming alliances, and defending against formidable creatures. Throughout the game, players will also face the constant temptation to succumb to their own monstrous instincts, such as cheating, stealing, killing, and lying.

Asch serves as the protagonist’s home city, providing a backdrop of survival as they scavenge and seek refuge in the city’s alleys. The Sharps, a group of untamed Adolescents, reside in this city, liberated from the constraints of Monstrous society. Players have the option to join an existing gang or establish their own. Additionally, Trade Hill offers a meeting place for shady Monsters to barter valuable and dangerous Human artifacts.

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