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MX vs ATV Legends introduces new content

THQ Nordic adds more content to MX vs ATV Legends – Season Two with content from the heart of the MX vs ATV community.

The community voted. THQ Nordic answered: 7 fan-favorite tracks are coming to MX vs ATV Legends with the Throwback Tracks Pack releasing in-game today.

The Throwback Tracks Pack is part of the MX vs ATV Legends – Track Pass 2023 and will be released in three bumps (first one later today):

  • Catapult Canyon (Mx vs ATV Alive) – October 10th
  • Grandview (MX vs ATV Alive) – October 10th
  • Savannah (MX vs ATV Unleashed) – October 24th
  • Capital City (MX vs ATV Untamed) – October 24th
  • Pine Top (MX vs ATV Reflex) – November 10th
  • Sandwick (MX vs ATV Reflex) – November 10th
  • Sugar Ridge (MX vs ATV Reflex) – November 10th
MX vs ATV Legends Throwback track pack


  • Compete in the new career mode where your choices lead to different paths, sponsorship opportunities and special, invitational events!
  • Explore massive open environments including the California coastline!
  • Experience the brand-new Trails mode for high intensity, point-to-point outdoor racing – prepare to be dropped into a starting gate in the middle of a mountain range alongside your friends and face a course defined by Mother Nature’s relentless challenges!
  • Race in 2-player split-screen and 16-player online mode with squad-based gameplay.
  • Customize your rider and vehicles with the latest parts and gear from the leading manufacturers in off-road racing.
  • Ride berms and ruts with higher precision than ever before with the refined physics system.

Base game and DLC are available on PlayStation, Xbox and Steam.

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