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My Little Universe Launches on Nintendo Switch and PC

My Little Universe, the wholesome worldbuilding sandbox adventure with more than 30 million downloads on mobile devices from developer Estoty and publisher SayGames, blasts off today on an interplanetary journey on PC via Steam, Steam Deck, and Nintendo Switch.

Craft chromatic continents from tiny tiles across nine worlds. Gather supplies with a trove of tools to unlock procedurally generated hexes. Each tile uncovered offers a chance at new discoveries including scarce supplies, troves of treasure or adorable adversaries like gitty goblins, yelping yetis, precarious pirates and giant gingermen.

Chop and mine through verdant forests, snowy tundras and undersea reefs. Collect wood, stone, gemstones, and other valuables to cultivate green flatlands, convoluted caves, and aqueous grottos. Manage these materials to refine wood and stone into stable building materials. Upgrade gear, armor, boats, and more, boosting their effectiveness by increasing resource yields and damage in battles.

Uncover a universe of untapped potential as a lone explorer or as a caravan of four curious cosmonauts. Work together in couch co-op or online multiplayer via Steam remote play and let nothing stand in the way of curating a perfect little universe.

“As a child, I loved going on adventures. Exploring the forests, participating in rafting expeditions. There’s nothing quite like it when you are at a newfound place exploring wilderness.” said Davis Toliasvili, CEO of Estoty Riga. “That spirit of exploration and the camaraderie of shared experiences is something we get to share amongst all audiences with My Little Universe.”

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