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One Last Breath, A physical Edition Has Been Announced

After an exclusive presentation at the Bilbao International Conference 2023, Selecta Play, a global indie publisher and distributor, is excited to announce a new publishing deal with Maniac Panda Games.

This collaboration will result in the release of a physical boxed edition of the highly acclaimed game, One Last Breath, for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5.

One Last Breath, developed by Maniac Panda Games, was the recipient of the prestigious Indie Arena Booth Best Game Award at Gamescom 2022. This visually stunning 2.5D adventure game allows players to assume the role of Gaia, a formidable entity born from the final breath of Mother Nature. Gaia’s mission is to utilize her extraordinary powers to rescue our ailing planet.

One Last Breath Key Features:

  • Utilize your extraordinary abilities to unravel a variety of environmental puzzles.
  • Uncover the fate of humanity as you venture through a stunning yet melancholic world.
  • Evade deadly mutants and safeguard the vulnerable wildlife to secure your escape.
  • Immerse yourself in a captivating experience enhanced by meticulously designed soundscapes.
  • Remember to actively contribute to the preservation of our planet in your everyday life!

The physical boxed edition of One Last Breath is scheduled to launch in 2024 for both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5.

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