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A new trailer for Panoptia out now

Indie developer EnricosUt has unveiled a new trailer for his game, Panoptia. Panoptia is a narrative-driven atmospheric exploration game centered around a peculiar structure known as Panoptia that has mysteriously materialized in the city. The secrets it harbors and the reasons for its sudden appearance remain unknown.

The only thing certain is that the strange building is protected and no one can enter it, but one girl succeeds and finds herself in an underground world where thoughts and desires, both good and bad, come to life.

In Panoptia you will have to discover a wide variety of environments and areas to uncover the mistery behind the creation of this eerie building.

Here is the trailer on YouTube and if you want you can add it to Steam wishlist.

EnricosUT is also the author of The Ocean, Like Time, a short free browser game that can be played on

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