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Return Alive Live Now via Steam Next Fest

KOG Games, the leading game developer and publisher behind Elsword and GrandChase, announced that the beta test of Return Alive, an upcoming extraction shooter, is live now. The beta version of the game will be available via Steam Next Fest between October 9 and October 16.

Return Alive is set in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by warfare during the Great Cataclysm. Most of the lands have been consumed by toxic gas from a weapon of mass destruction that was fired during the Great Cataclysm. Pushed to the high grounds with scarce resources, humanity is forced to collect and gather materials from the Abandoned Lands for survival.

With protective gear and limited oxygen supplies, mercenaries venture into the Abandoned Lands to gather materials for survival while struggling against hostile mutated monsters known as Mutarions, highly intelligent machinations of war known as Titans, and other mercenaries seeking an opportunity to kill and plunder all the loot. Join the mercenary guild today to adapt and learn to survive in this high-risk, high-reward, top-down extraction shooter game.

Game features

Top-Down View:

Players will be able to enjoy a top-down view, allowing certain players to be free from nausea or directional challenges from frequent screen rotation typical to FPS games. The top-down view will allow players to react better to the many dangers that occupy the battleground, improving player experience with the game on the visual level.

Battleground Adventure:

Players who enter the battleground will be transported to the remnants of the once-flourished civilization before the Great Cataclysm. Here, players will gather lost technological devices and secure precious resources while battling against mutated monsters, highly intelligent machinations, and hostile players.

High Risk, High Return Reward System:

Failure comes at a steep cost in the Abandoned Lands. Players that fail to escape due to oxygen depletion or from death will lose all their equipment and loot in possession. This intense risk-reward system will keep players on the edge of their seats. Engage with other mercenaries to strategize and stay alive.

Unique Mercenary Characters:

During the beta test, players will be able to select from four distinct and remarkable mercenary characters, each with unique skills and abilities:

  • Ned: A well-trained mercenary with a robust physique, specializing in causing extensive damage over a wide area using grenades.
  • Yuni: Possessing a brilliant intellect and unmatched swiftness, Yuni’s unique ability, Sprint, enables her to surge forward with heightened speed, giving her a tactical advantage in battles.
  • Urth: An efficient combat machine with perfect AI, capable of generating defensive shields and unleashing devastating laser attacks.
  • Elvacia: A female assassin possesses the deadly ability of Ghost, rendering her invisible to adversaries while delivering fatal attacks.

A Personal Build Full of Customization:

Players can craft various weapons and enhance their Modules, Battlesuits, Equipment, and Weaponry to take the upper hand against the hostile dangers that await them in the battleground. Players will be able to utilize new and various weapons constantly throughout the game, allowing them to create an arsenal of limitless combinations. With various combos and synergies, players will be able to surprise unsuspecting enemies, allowing players to have improved player interaction experience.

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