Cybertrash STATYX: Review

Cybertrash STATYX review cover

Cybertrash STATYX is a pixel art 2D shooter developed by Uncle Frost Team and published by Sometimes You. The title was released on Xbox on 13 March 2024 and we tested it on the Xbox Series S.

Our main protagonist, Jenet, is isolated in a research facility. She has to undergo clinical tests because she has been infected with a virus that erases the memory of its victims.

Cybertrash STATYX screenshot 1

After a short period of isolation, Jenet will be moved to another facility where she will be able to come into contact with other women affected by the virus. Although she will still not be able to communicate with the outside world.

We soon discover that those who are keeping these women in isolation are not actually curing them of the virus, but conducting experiments on their memories. Some of these experiments involve shooting tests….

Cybertrash STATYX screenshot 3

Even though the plot is a little bit strange, it still manages to convince us, considering that we’re talking about a 2D shooter that’s usually known for having almost no plot at all. What convinces us less is the gameplay.

Speaking of gameplay, we found it extremely uncomfortable to play this title, as some of the controls make it impossible to play properly. We are referring in particular to the high jump system. In fact, to jump higher, you have to jump and slide at the same time, otherwise you either jump or slide. All this must be done while being showered with bullets.

Unlike many 2D shooters, there are different types of weapons, and you can also switch between primary and secondary weapons. You can also buy upgrades for your protagonist by spending experience points and coins.

Cybertrash STATYX screenshot 2

Despite the fact that Cybertrash STATYX has the ingredients to be a good shooter, We personally didn’t like it, We missed the possibility to shoot diagonally, and the jumping system made us feel very uncomfortable to continue the game.

In fact, although the soundtrack and the old-school graphics were convincing, what the game lacked, in addition to the aforementioned flaws, was a simple level design and enemies with a poorly developed AI that constantly shot at us, making us inexorable victims of their fire.

Finally, the font used for dialogue and the graphical interface is unreadable, making it very tiring to read.

Our verdict

We don’t feel like giving Cybertrash STATYX a very negative review, given my personal experience with it. Objectively, however, the game does not stand out from the crowd and cannot hide its shortcomings in order to keep the player glued to the screen.

  • Good plot
  • Strange high jump system
  • Poorly legible fonts
  • Poor gameplay