The Legend of Skye: Review

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The Legend of Skye is a point-and-click adventure game developed and published by independent developer Point & Pixel Adventures. In 2019, the developer had released The Castle, its first adventure game. The Legend of Skye has been available on Steam, GOG and since 2 April 2024.

The Legend of Skye is a classic point-and-click game in which we can interact with the world around us via a list of nine verbs (open, look at, use, etc.), similar to great classics like Maniac Mansion. In keeping with old-school adventure games, this title has no hotspots or in-game hints or tools. You cannot run with your character. However, you can move quickly from one area to another.

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In the game we play as Skye, a young druid who has been given a very important mission by her tribe. At stake is the safety of the forest and her own village. To succeed, Skye must stop the plans of the treacherous King Finn and rescue the village shaman. However, the protagonist of this adventure is not the classic heroine who embodies perfection. On the contrary, she has a lot to learn, but as we soon discover, she is resourceful and willing to do anything to save her village. Between spirit guides, missing shamans and an exclusive archery club, an adventure full of surprises and events is waiting for us.

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The events in which we will be involved are constructed in such a way as to keep us glued to the screen. In addition, the dialogue will make us laugh out loud as the most unusual things happen.
The events in The Legend of Skye are filled with jokes, puzzles and improbable dough to make, but although it seems fast, the title takes more than ten hours to complete. All this time is spent amidst a multitude of scenarios and characters created in pixel art, just like the titles from which the game is inspired.

Like the old graphic adventure classics, The Legend Of Skye also presents us with a somewhat awkward, quirky protagonist who often breaks the fourth wall to bring us closer to the funny character that Skye represents. If Skye is a funny character, the setting is no less so. Indeed, we find ourselves in a medieval world where there are druids, hallucinogenic mushrooms, comic shops run by nerds and amusement parks full of rollercoasters.

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In all this universe of weirdness, the puzzles in The Legend of Skye offer a high level of challenge. In fact, they are interconnected puzzles, so solving a situation often requires visiting several different areas. We found the difficulty of the puzzles to be appropriate, as they encourage you to think and look at the situation from different perspectives in order to arrive at the correct solution. Only one puzzle in particular challenged us, and we found it to be unintuitive and a bit moon logic (we don’t want to give away any spoilers, so we won’t say which one it is).

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The graphics and sound of The Legend of Skye emphasise the old-school approach by offering pixel art graphics. As in some old point-and-click games, there is no voice acting for the characters, but we personally think that the presence of voice acting can be an important addition, making the adventure more immersive and some of the jokes funnier. A little annoying is the fact that the dialogues continue automatically; you can skip them by clicking on them, but there is no way of slowing them down. In any case, the length of each line of dialogue is sufficient for reading.

Our verdict

The Legend of Skye is a point-and-click game that does the genre proud. It offers us a characterful protagonist, an engaging storyline, challenging puzzles and a good dose of humour. We highly recommend it to all genre fans.

  • Challenging
  • Strong character personality
  • Lots of environments
  • Full of Humour
  • No voice over
  • No way to block dialogue lines