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Prologue Of Revive & Prosper Now Available On PC

Mystiqular proudly announces the official Early Access release date for their upcoming single player base-building strategy game, Revive & Prosper. In this game, you take control of up to 6 mutated animals and their Golem helpers, assigning them various jobs. Your objective is to gather resources, construct a base, and optimize production.

This straightforward premise offers over 100 hours of fun, especially for resource managers and automation enthusiasts. A free and popular prologue of the upcoming full game is now available on both Steam and the Epic® Games Store. Upon completing the prologue map, you’ll unlock the entire building menu, allowing you to fully exploit the game’s potential. This includes employing trains for automated harvesting, distributing water through pipes for irrigating your fields, or establishing as many power plants as you desire.

Revive & Prosper is a third-person game where your primary focus is on building, planting, producing, and optimizing. Featuring stunning voxel graphics, you craft the world of Revive & Prosper from the outset, starting with digging and placing soil cubes. As you progress through the ages, including Wooden, Iron, Steel, Electricity, Electronics, Concrete, and Chemical, you gain access to different types of resources. The game naturally guides you toward upgrades, as dynamic weather conditions, such as rain and droughts, will impact your base.

The intricate water physics simulate river flow, moisture absorption into the ground, and even evaporation into the air. At the beginning of the game, you start with manual factories and progress to automated ones interconnected by a dense network of conveyor belts, torque rods, and item-delivering catapults. You can use catapults for item transportation!

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Revive & Prosper is available for free in a limited prologue, designed to introduce players to the gameplay and fundamental mechanics through an in-depth tutorial. The Early Access version of the game will feature a classic campaign mode with premade maps and overarching goal of reaching Mars. Additionally, it will include a map editor for custom creations and sharing with other players. Custom maps can have preset goals or serve as open sandboxes for relaxed building.


  • Dynamic environment with real-time water physics
  • Single player base-building, automation, and land re-cultivation
  • 6 Mutants and their helpers, ranging from Sand Golems and ending with Robo Golems
  • Conveyor belts, trains, catapults
  • Intuitive and extensive tutorial
  • In-game Editor

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