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Rose Cottage Has Been Revealed

Rose Cottage is an immersive point and click ghost story that takes place in a Victorian mortuary. Recently, the game has been unveiled with the launch of its Steam page. Stay tuned for the announcement of a demo on Steam, which will allow players to get a taste of the chilling experience.

In this game, players assume the role of Detective Inspector Edward Barrington, who embarks on an investigation at Hollow Lane Mortuary. What initially appears to be a straightforward missing persons case quickly turns into a night of unimaginable terror that will leave a lasting impression.

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Set in the year 1910 on November 11th, Edward receives a distress call from his Father-in-Law, Thomas Gray, who works at the Hollow Lane Mortuary. It seems that all three members of the mortuary staff have mysteriously vanished without a trace. Determined to uncover the truth, Edward journeys to the mortuary, expecting to solve a simple missing persons case. However, he soon discovers that there is much more to these disappearances than meets the eye.

Featuring a classic point and click adventure style, Rose Cottage offers players over 40 meticulously hand-drawn locations in the demo alone. The haunting original music adds to the eerie atmosphere, while a talented cast of fully voiced characters enhances the immersive experience. To ensure a smooth gameplay experience, Rose Cottage offers a streamlined two-button point and click interface, with the option to highlight interactions for added convenience.

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