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SnowRunner Season 11: Coming October 19 to PC & Consoles

Saber Interactive and Focus Entertainment announced SnowRunner Season 11: Lights & Cameras releasing October 19 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Available for free to all Year 3 Pass and 3-Year Anniversary Edition owners, Season 11 will take players to Scandinavia, featuring two new vehicles and two new maps packed with the glorious sights and sounds of the Nordic countries. A free update featuring new trailers, new cranes, new flat-beds and a set of 10 new stickers will also be available for all players.

Local filmmakers have action scenes that need some heavy lifting, and you’ve got just the trucks for the job. Deliver set-dressing, green-screens, and actors to their rightful place to help make the best movie of the year! When the cameras are off, you can head on over to the local villages and authorities to help renovate the region before the next winter season.

Two new vehicles are also arriving, the NEO Falcon 2000 and Burlak 6×6. The Falcon is the perfect choice for roaming the mountains and general exploring, all thanks to its exceptional ground clearance and versatile suspension. The Burlak is a much larger, powerful vehicle with scouting as its focus, taking a heavy-duty approach to moving up and around the maps. Use its small crane and flatbed options for rescuing or transporting, which help make it a reasonable all-rounder vehicle.

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