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Time Survivors has been released on Steam

Lunar Chili is excited to announce the official release of the highly anticipated full version of Time Survivors on PC via Steam. Expanding upon the foundation set by the free-to-play Time Survivors: Chapter 0, this complete game takes players on an even more immersive adventure, introducing new stages, characters, and challenges.

Time Survivors offers a unique roguelike bullet hell experience, immersing players in a thrilling journey through time with expanded content. Throughout the game, players will travel through five different historical eras, encountering a diverse range of enemies and bosses, while uncovering hidden secrets along the way.

Time Survivors Key Features:

  • 12 Iconic Historical Characters: Join forces with legendary figures, each possessing unique abilities. Team up with renowned individuals such as Cleopatra, Abraham Lincoln, Tesla, Napoleon, and many others.
  • 5 Stages with Unique Mechanics: Explore various periods in history, from the icy landscapes of the Ice Age to the ancient sands of Egypt. Each stage presents its own gameplay twists and challenges.
  • 93 Enemies and Bosses: Engage in battles against a wide array of adversaries, including the formidable T-Rex.
  • Resource Exchange System: Utilize in-game gold to trade for rare resources, adding a strategic element to your progression.

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