United 1944

United 1944: The frontlines are open again

After a very successful beta playtest that kicked off in late September, developer Novarama is once again opening the doors to its crafting and building-oriented WWII shooter, United 1944, for an even longer time. Steam Next Fest kicks off today, and with it, we call everyone to the fight starting now and lasting until the celebrations end on October 16. The new Survivors mode, just introduced last month but quickly loved by players, makes a return, and we have an overview video if you haven’t watched it yet:

The classic domination matches are here. Squad up in 16v16 battles in the WWII theaters of France, where the push inward of the Allies was at its peak after D-Day, and of North Africa, where battles for control of large regions had an important effect in changing the tide of war. You’ll be scavenging for resources, fortifying bases, defending outposts, crafting your gear and fighting the enemy in WWII battles that aim to be realistic yet rooted in fun gameplay.


The recently introduced Survivors mode in United 1944, which brings an extraction experience to the game, also makes a return after a very positive reception from players. This mode takes the scavenging and open construction approach to a whole new level of tension. It’s a dog-eat-dog world: everyone is an enemy, and your only means of staying alive is what you can find around you. Look for resources, explore the city, and set up improvised bases anywhere as you fight for survival. Build, raid, kill, steal, scavenge, and destroy as you need for survival. Play for as long as you want, do your best to stay standing, and extract with as much loot as you’re capable of.

The online demo of United 1944 runs for a full week during the entirety of Steam Next Fest, starting from Monday October 9 and ending on Monday October 16 at 10 am PDT. Servers will be located in Europe, North America, and Asia to ensure that all players in these regions get a smooth experience in the battle trenches. This time, you won’t need to request access if you’re new to UNITED 1944, as you can simply download the demo from the game’s Steam page and go straight into battle.

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