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Upcoming spiritual successor to Freelancer, Underspace, is coming soon

Developer Pastaspace Interactive and indie publisher Camlann Games have unveiled a brand new gameplay trailer for their upcoming sci-fi RPG Underspace, the latest title to join the publisher’s growing portfolio of projects.

Inspired by classic space games such as Freelancer, Underspace is an open-world spacefighter RPG where every star system is crafted by hand and every sector has something to discover. The game follows the tragic tale of Kardoz, a disgraced noble stripped of his wealth and power now eking out a living as a starchaser. In a galaxy rife with plundering pirates, crazy cultists, sudden storms, and malicious monsters, starchasing is a dangerous career where the risks are great but the rewards are even greater.

While Underspace provides the protagonist’s prompt, players decide how his story unfolds. Whatever role they choose, Underspace allows players to find their footing in Croft as they see fit. Face thunderous monsters, join up with devious pirates, pillage ancient star cities, and make your mark on a galaxy of storms and secrets in this open- world lovecraftian space adventure – looting the mechanical corpses of fallen spacefighters and seizing precious cargo or trading commodities across interstellar silkroads to make a profit.

And, as the saying goes, it’s dangerous to go alone. So why should you? Create your own squadron with recruitable NPCs from all walks of intergalactic life, complete with their own unique backstories and missions to undertake. And with online multiplayer support in the works, Underspace aims to prove that space need not be a lonely experience.

The Developer and Publisher are also available for interviews, with preview copies available for select media outlets and content creators. If you’d like to know more about media opportunities around the game, email the media contact below for inquiries.


  • Play Your Way: Choose from a wide variety of roles to tell your own story. From mercenary to miner, courier to pirate, scrapper to starchaser, and everything in between, Underspace gives you the freedom to carve your own destiny. No two playthroughs need be the same – will you earn your keep fending off cultists and other ne’er-do wells or join those who would do harm in the name of their god or gold?
  • Kill The Storm: Traverse 70 handcrafted star systems, any of which could fall victim to foul weather. What shadowy dangers lurk beyond the electric clouds? What forgotten ancient civilizations remain dormant until you stumble upon their slumbering secrets?
  • There Be Monsters: Face off against world-eating serpents, possessed battleships, and living minefields. Over 20 unique bosses stand in your way to untold riches and glory – will you take down each cosmic colossus one by one or be felled in the frantic fray?
  • Dynamic Dogfighting: Rip through enemy formations and give ‘em hell. Combat is manual and skill-based; speed and aggression are emphasized and rewarded. Dodge and weave through enemy fire while claiming kills in this explosively satisfying spacefighting circus.
  • Your Ship, Your Choice: Fly, paint, and customize over 60 different ships. Outfit yourself with over 150 pieces of equipment. Choose your race, build your character, and try not to get eaten by a ghost train. Whatever Croft may throw at you, you’ll be ready in your own unique way.
  • Every Star A Story: Befriend or befuddle over 40 different factions, all with their own alliances, goals, cultures, and preferences. Pursue random assignments or discover hidden stories and questionable motives in over 30 unique sidequests. And with mod and multiplayer support planned, you’ll not only be able to choose your own story but craft it as well.

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