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A demo of Valiant Tactics is Available on Steam

Valiant Tactics is a tactical turn-based roguelite RPG that aims to completely eliminates any unfairness and monotony from the gameplay experience. You can now play the free demo on Steam.

Eliminating frustration by replacing hit chances with min/max damage ranges. Gone are the days of missing a 95% hit chance and feeling utterly disappointed. Instead, players now have the freedom to choose between risky high-damage attacks or strategic moves with guaranteed outcomes, similar to the decision-making process in chess. We have even introduced an accuracy stat for those who prefer to manage uncertainty.

Removing character perma-death and enemy critical hits by default. Your characters will only sustain injuries if they fall in battle, ensuring that you can continue your journey without the fear of permanently losing your beloved companions.

Valiant Tactics

Keeping the game lightweight by avoiding unnecessary features that could potentially overwhelm players. This allows for a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience right from the start, without the need for exhaustive tutorials.

Creating unique battles through a combination of random enemy team compositions, battlefield placements, map variations, weather systems, and power-ups. Each battle will present a fresh and exciting challenge, keeping players engaged and entertained throughout their adventure.

Valiant Tactics Key Features:

  • Manage your squad and inventory to effectively prepare for upcoming battles and random events during your adventure.
  • Engage in turn-based tactical battles against a diverse range of enemies, utilizing strategic thinking and skillful decision-making.
  • Experience the dynamic impact of weather conditions such as rain, wind, and snow, which will influence combat outcomes in different ways.
  • Trade with merchants or defeat enemies to acquire weapons and combat equipment that grant unique abilities, enhancing your tactical prowess.
  • Encounter random events on the adventure map that require you to make decisions that significantly impact your journey.
  • After each battle, unlock unique upgrades for your characters, further enhancing their abilities and customization options.
  • Compete against other players in leaderboards to earn glory and showcase your tactical prowess.

Join this epic adventure playing the demo on Steam.

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