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Winter Survival is set to launch in Early Access

Winter Survival, from developer DRAGO Entertainment (Gas Station Simulator), will be released on PC via Steam Early Access on February 28, 2024. Console versions are planned for the future.

Winter Survival is a survival game with dynamic combat, stealth, base building and its unique sanity system. Survive a desolate wasteland after a brutal bear attack separates a group of friends on an expedition.

Winter Survival Cinematic Trailer

Prepare for freezing winds in a heart-wrenching story of man versus nature. Discover the mysteries of a deserted town and its missing inhabitants while battling a bloodthirsty bear, wolves, and other dangerous creatures in the frozen wilderness in Story Mode. Face numerous challenges by utilizing the environment in Endless Mode, and conquer the unforgiving elements of an unpredictable winter in Coldwave Mode.

Winter Survival Key Features:

  • extended crafting system;
  • sanity system in which fear and stress can influence your perception;
  • event system with random events;
  • adaptation system with abilities and survival skills;
  • 3 game modes.

You can also try out the prologue on Steam to test your survival skills before the official launch.

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