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A Kickstater campaign for Devil’s Hideout

In 2 April 2024, the developers of Devil’s Hideout are glad to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for their new point & click game is online.

Devil’s Hideout is being developed by indie developer Cosmic Void, with music by Eric Matyas. Cosmic Void developed such games as Twilight OracleBlood Nova, and The Corruption Within.

Devil's Hideout screenshot

Devil’s Hideout is a pixel art horror adventure set in a hospital in an abandoned town. Our main character, Lauren, learns from a mystic that her younger sister is in danger. So our mission is to find Lauren’s sister.

This point and click game puts the player in the perspective of the main character, in fact the camera is in first person. So you will be much closer to the evil!

The main goal of Kickstarter’s campaign is to found a full English voice over. Other found will going to music and animation. The goal is 9500€. If you want to play a preview of the game, you can check demo on the Steam page.

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