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Always in Mind has been announced for Steam

Discover the heartwarming narrative of a young boy confined within his own subconscious in Always in Mind, the emotional inaugural game from Inevitable Studios soon to be available on Steam.

Following a freak accident that leaves 12-year-old Teddy in a coma, his sole beacon of hope in returning to his family lies within an AI implant called “Proxy.” Embark on an unpredictable expedition through mind-altering dreamscapes, delving into a fantastical adventure that breathes life into ancestral tales in unimaginable ways.

Immerse yourself in Teddy’s vivid imagination as you leap, warp, slide, and glide through the depths of his mind. Embark on a sentimental journey of self-discovery and unravel the essence of genuine transformation that can only originate from within.

Always in Mind is a love letter to the video games that we’ve played and adored over the years,” said Cord Smith, Game Director at Inevitable Studios. “Our ambition is to create a unique, story-rich experience that leaves a lasting impression and tugs on the heartstrings of players of every generation.

Inevitable Studios was established by industry veteran Cord Smith (formerly of Compulsion Games, Square Enix, UBISOFT, Sega), driven by a passion to craft impactful games alongside talented individuals from around the world.

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