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In Stars and Time is now available on PC and consoles

Developer Adrienne Bazir (insertdisc5) and publisher Armor Games Studios have released the highly-anticipated turn-based, time-loop RPG In Stars and Time today on various platforms: PC (Steam,, GOG), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

In Stars and Time takes place at the conclusion of Siffrin‘s mission to defeat a tyrannical king who has been freezing the land in time. However, just as the adventurer and their companions – Mirabelle, Isabeau, Odile, and Bonnie – are about to face their final battle, tragedy strikes. The clock resets, and the group is forced to start anew.

The protagonist, Siffrin, is the only one aware of the time-loop, and burdened with this knowledge, they must guide their oblivious found family through countless loops as they strive to bring an end to this temporal tragedy.

With each new loop, Siffrin gains a fresh perspective on the world, uncovering new puzzle solutions and conversation options. Explore the world, engage in conversations with your companions, engage in Rock-Paper-Scissors combat against formidable enemies, enhance your party with equipped memories, and seek the favor of the Change God through prayer. Luck will be crucial in your journey.

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