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American Arcadia launching November 15

Developer Out of the Blue and publisher Raw Fury, the duo that brought you the award-winning, critically acclaimed Call of the Sea, have pulled back the curtain to reveal that American Arcadia will debut on Nov. 15, 2023, for PC via Steam. Uncover the truth and escape TV’s most popular reality show with your life in this cinematic puzzle-adventure that combines a 2.5D platformer with first-person gameplay.

American Arcadia’s first free public demo is playable now throughout Steam Next Fest. Experience two distinct styles of gameplay and learn the dark secret at the heart of paradise.

Welcome to Arcadia, a retro-futuristic ‘70s metropolis promising a life of luxury and comfort. But what its citizens don’t realize is they’re starring in American Arcadia, the world’s most popular reality TV show that’s broadcast live, 24/7. As countless viewers watch at home, a drop in your popularity can be a death sentence. Which is bad news if you’re an ordinary man with a mundane life. A man like Trevor Hills.

Trevor has only one hope to survive: Angela Solano, an American Arcadia stage technician determined to help him escape. With Angela’s technical prowess and wits manipulating the world from the outside, Trevor just might make it out of Arcadia with his life.

American Arcadia Key Features:

  • Two Experiences in One Game: Control two different characters in two different worlds with unique gameplay. Play as Trevor and flee Arcadia in a 2.5D puzzle-platformer while exploring and hacking in first-person to help him as Angela. Work together to overcome the powerful corporation trying to take you down.
  • Escape a ‘70s Televised Utopia: Experience a gripping new adventure crafted with all the trademark polish, artistry and mystery from the studio behind the award-winning Call of the Sea. Discover a rich story and characters set in the world’s most dangerous reality TV show and filled with twists, turns, and lies at every turn.
  • Vibrant Characters & Performances: The incomparable voice talents of Yuri Lowenthal (Marvel’s Spider-Man series, Prince of Persia series, Call of the Sea), Krizia Bajos (Cyberpunk 2077, League of Legends, Star Trek: Resurgence) and Cissy Jones (Firewatch, Starfield, Call of the Sea) breathe life into the world and characters of American Arcadia.

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