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Hyper Luminal Games announces Pine Hearts

Hyper Luminal Games have officially announced Pine Hearts, their first self-published title that tells a touching story while you explore and discover secrets in and around Pine Hearts Caravan Park. Pine Hearts will be the debut game on the studio’s new indie publishing label Little Nook; a home for all things cosy-gaming.

Explore the sleepy scenery of Pine Hearts Caravan Park in a gentle story that unfolds about fond memories and growing up, as you uncover secrets, unlock new paths, and submerge yourself in a wholesome land of puzzles and adventure.

Pine Hearts is an itsy-bitsy, narrative-adventure game. Explore the sleepy scenery of Pine Hearts Caravan Park as you uncover items, unlock new paths, and discover all the little secrets stuffed throughout the Park.

Pine Hearts takes the item-based progression of Zelda, combines it with Souls-like level design and wraps it all up in a Wholesome aesthetic with a focus on puzzles, not combat.

Wishlist Pine Hearts on Steam and play the demo at EGX or from the comfort of your own hygge home setup.

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