oligarc arrived on crsed

An Immortal Russian oligarch has arrived in CRSED

Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment announce the release of the major “I’mMortal” update for the brutal online shooter CRSED: F.O.A.D. A new unique Champion – the infernal Russian oligarch Nikolay Orlov – is joining the battle. Mystical ritual “Fog” and new cosmetic items have also been added to the game.

Nikolai Orlov is an influential arms dealer and mercenary leader, who plays an important part in every conflict in Africa and Latin America. After learning about the deadly F.O.A.D. games, he used his connections and wealth to get there. Unlike other fighters, Nicholas didn’t need a special invitation, as his diamonds and gold easily open any door.

Nikolai relies on money and modern military equipment to fight, so his special ability is to summon a strike drone with missiles and control it for 15 seconds. Each use of the drone requires money, but the machine comes with an extra bonus: an armored vest and firearms.

CRSED: F.O.A.D. is available for free on Steam.

Meet the new season and major update — “I’mMortal” in this video.

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