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Create Your Own Journey With The New Custom Game Mode for Station to Station

Hop on the train to unlimited gameplay with the new Custom Game Mode features in PRISMATIKA and Galaxy Grove’s cosy voxel-art sim, Station to Station.

Watch the Custom Mode trailer here:

Existing alongside the main campaign, and requested by the community, Custom Game Mode allows players to create their own on-rails adventure with their hand-made levels! Players will be able to choose the size of the map, the biome in which it’s located, the gradients and elevations of cliffs, the different industries and even the difficulty of play.

The difficulty settings will include a Money-Free Mode, for those players who want to enjoy a relaxing experience and just observe the voxel-art world as it comes to life around the connections they create.

Station to Station – Custom Mode Features:

  • Create your own journey with an infinite number of levels.
  • Get creative with options to change the size, location, gradients, and industries on the map.
  • Play at your own pace as custom difficulty settings allow players to make maps as challenging or relaxing as they would like.
  • Put down the purse as the Money-Free Mode means players don’t have to worry about counting coins when building worlds.
  • Go all out and mix different biomes and industries, create a tiny map with the highest cliffs and introduce farming to the desert or passengers to the Wild West.

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