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Celebrate Untitled Goose Game’s 4th anniversary with Checkpoint’s latest Bedtime Stories podcast episode

The Checkpoint Bedtimes Stories podcast is happy to announce the debut of an all-new episode. Set in the beloved world of Untitled Goose Game (check out on Steam) — which recently celebrated its 4th anniversary — kids can follow the story of gaming’s favourite goose on the loose, as it causes all manner of havoc and chaos, available to listen to today.

Checkpoint is an innovative and forward-thinking media organisation that recognises the opportunities that video games provide to connect with all audiences, and explores their impact on society, culture, education and politics. Offering entirely free content, its outlets include magazines, learning materials and, of course, its Bedtime Stories podcast.

With over 2.5 million downloads worldwide and between 20,000 and 30,000 monthly listens, the Bedtime Stories podcast (check out on Spotify) is transforming the way parents put their children to sleep. Carefully written and curated by Checkpoint, its bedtime stories offer a masterful balance of fun, engagement and calm in a setting children enjoy and are familiar with. Untitled Goose Game is the most recent game Checkpoint have brought to life in an entirely new way, and previous stories have included Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario Kart and Minecraft.

Each story is read by a professional voice actor, and accompanied by bespoke music designed to ensure its listeners are soothed and calm as they drift off to sleep. Children of all ages have fallen in love with these stories, with one child reviewing the podcast to say: “I love the calming music, the good descriptions, and how the story is based on my favourite video games from when I was little! (I’m 12).”

Tamer Asfahani, founder of Checkpoint, said: “The stories are crafted; we take great care to balance the music, with the story and the voice. Because we utilise gaming’s ubiquitous cultural wealth, the familiarity is calming and the stories are always a journey of some kind. We are constantly told that kids are asleep before they get to the end of a story.

Inspired by the wonderful world of gaming, the Checkpoint Bedtime Stories are an enjoyable way to engage with the games you love.

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