Basketball Roguelite RoboDunk

First Ever Basketball Roguelite RoboDunk Steps onto the Courts of PC, Nintendo Switch Today

RoboDunk, the only arcade basketball roguelite, dunks from space in a ludicrous display of mecha sports combat on Steam and Nintendo Switch today.

Developer Jollypunch Games takes basketball into a new age with thunderous SPACE DUNKS, stop-motion robo ballers, and earth-shattering weapons! Dominate robo-opponents with satisfying tackles; shoot your lasers while weaving through asteroids and jump over tornados. Throw down legendary dunks solo or with the team in local multiplayer, with drop-in/drop-out co-op in all modes and up to 4 players versus.

Victories grant power-up points to allocate across a massive skill tree. Snag permanent stat boosts, mad skills, and modifiers like double jump and teleport to increase the carnage and execute the sickest plays the planet has ever seen. Between blowouts, delve into the lore of the Gods to unravel the secrets of the universe and answer the age-old question: is DUNK the meaning of life?

Ready to up the ante and defy gravity? Dominate the replayable campaign or test your skills in endless mode where everything is up to chance, even teammates. Survive long enough to earn a career-defining high score in games full of ever-changing rules, trap-ridden courts, and unique rewards to boost the robo-roster to new heights.

I made RoboDunk to fill a hole in the hearts of NBA Jam fans everywhere,” said Gabriele Libera, Founder, Jollypunch Games. “Even if you never enjoyed a sports game or a roguelite I guarantee dunking from space will get your blood pumping, and the infinite unlocks, randomized campaign and strange lore will keep you coming back for more.

RoboDunk is available now on Windows PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch. English, German, French, Spanish (Spain and Latin America), Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil), Italian, Russian, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, and Japanese languages are supported.

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