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Back To The Dawn: early access release

Spiral Up Games is delighted to declare the official launch of their much-awaited prison survival RPG, Back To The Dawn, in Early Access. The game has already gained immense popularity by securing a top position in Steam Next Fest’s most downloaded demos. It is now available for purchase on Steam at a retail price of $19.99 USD. In celebration of the release, gamers can avail of a special 12% discount during the first week, bringing the price down to just $17.50 USD.

Experience an immersive role-playing adventure with Back To The Dawn, which seamlessly blends captivating pixel art with the tension and excitement of life behind bars. Take on the role of a journalist who has been wrongly incarcerated and is now embroiled in a murky conspiracy, all while being surrounded by a diverse cast of animal inmates.

Navigate the treacherous world of prison gangs, forge unexpected alliances, and develop crucial skills to aid in your daring escape. Your choices in this dynamic environment will shape your journey towards freedom, where strategic thinking and tactical prowess are essential in orchestrating your escape and uncovering the truth.

Back To The Dawn Key Features

Explore a vast and dangerous prison world: Navigate through a complex prison environment filled with different locations and difficult challenges. Prepare for a combination of strategic planning and keen observation to find hidden corners and discover possible escape routes.

Diverse group of inmates: Interact with more than 40 unique animal inmates, each with their own backstories and hidden motives. Form alliances that could ensure your survival or delve into the dangerous world of prison gangs. Every interaction opens up countless possibilities.

Engaging prison roles: Experience the multifaceted nature of prison life by taking on various roles that reflect the complexities of real-life jails. Whether you’re doing laundry or participating in illegal trades, these tasks offer more than just money – they provide insight into the inner workings and power struggles of the prison.

Various prison activities: Immerse yourself in a range of classic prison activities and mini-games, from building physical strength through weightlifting to expanding strategic thinking with access to an extensive library. You can even craft contraband tools with care. Customize your skills and shape your journey within the game’s ever-changing environment, making crucial choices that determine your survival and success.

Discover multiple endings: Dive into over 20 hours of thrilling gameplay in Back to the Dawn, where every decision and action shapes your unique story and leads to different endings. From subtle changes in dialogue to major plot twists, your choices will determine your own legacy. Whether you achieve freedom, remain confined, or uncover secrets, your strategies and alliances will shape your fate, ensuring high replayability each time.

Back To The Dawn is officially available on Steam Early Access in English, Chinese and Japanese.

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