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Baladins is coming to PC and Console

As revealed in Wholesome Snack: The Game Awards edition, the multiplayer game Baladins, a choose-your-own-story adventure, will be available not only on PC but also on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles in the early months of next year.

Drawing inspiration from classic tabletop RPGs, this whimsical fantasy journey invites players to bring joy to the vibrant world of Gatherac. Whether you embark on this quest alone or with friends, in a cooperative campaign for up to four players, every decision you make will have a profound impact on the story and the world that surrounds you. So, take a chance, roll the dice, and let your travels unfold in this enchanting adventure!

Baladins Key Features:

  • Forge your own path! With 1-4 players, work together to bring happiness to the inhabitants of Gatherac and witness how your collective choices shape the destiny of this extraordinary realm.
  • Embrace your heroic nature! Assume the role of one of the four distinct classes, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses, and witness your character’s growth as the narrative unfolds.
  • Play at your own pace! The Baladins’ tale can be experienced in bite-sized sessions throughout the entirety of the campaign.
  • Encounter a legendary creature! No fantasy roleplaying game would be complete without a dragon! Prepare yourself for an epic encounter that will test your mettle.

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