A Long Journey to an Uncertain End cover

A Long Journey to an Uncertain End is Available on Nintendo Switch

As previously anticipated A Long Journey to an Uncertain End, is now available on Nintendo Switch. The game is a remarkable tale that showcases a diverse ensemble of characters and a compelling narrative of liberation from an oppressive relationship. This captivating experience embraces the values of freedom, self-expression, and inclusivity.

Embark on an extraordinary adventure as a sentient AI spaceship, navigating through perilous situations while undertaking various tasks and forming meaningful connections with newfound companions.

Drawing inspiration from the beloved Firefly series and the literary works of Becky Chambers, A Long Journey to an Uncertain End offers multiple distinct conclusions, allowing you to delve into different outcomes based on your personal choices.

Prepare yourself for an interstellar odyssey as you traverse the vastness of the galaxy towards the Core, where unknown challenges await you and your loyal crew. However, be vigilant and mindful of time, as you must elude your former partner who seeks to reclaim control over your life. Seize the opportunity to enjoy a 15% discount at Nintendo Store until December 11th.

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