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Kind Words 2 Has Been Announced

During the Day of the Devs: The Game Awards Edition showcase, Popcannibal, the developer, has announced the upcoming release of Kind Words 2 (lofi city pop), which serves as a sequel to the popular 2019 game Kind Words: lo fi chill beats to write to.

This new game, set to launch in 2024, revolves around the concept of spreading kindness to real people. Players will have the opportunity to send uplifting letters from the comfort of their cozy rooms, interact with their neighbors outside, exchange recommendations, participate in poetry slams while dressing up, and contribute their dreams to a sky filled with wishes. By joining this game, players become part of a community of genuine individuals who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Kind Words 2 Key Features:

  • Real people. No bots. Totally anonymous. No user ids or personal info collected or allowed.
  • Good vibes.
  • Original soundtrack by Slay the Spire and Kind Words 1 composer Clark Aboud.
  • All your Kind Words 1 letters, stickers and rooms are back with a new coat of paint!

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