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Bzzzt is coming soon to steam

Cinemax is excited to reveal that Bzzzt, a thrilling 2D platformer inspired by 1980s gaming legends, will be available on Steam starting November 13, 2023.

Immerse yourself in a futuristic game universe with stunning pixel art graphics that bring back the nostalgia of classic arcade games. Navigate through a variety of cleverly designed traps and enemies as you take on the role of ZX8000, a nimble robot.

In a highly confidential laboratory, Doctor Emily, known for her innovative ideas, and Professor Norbert, renowned worldwide, are collaborating on a project of utmost secrecy. Their combined expertise and intelligence have resulted in the creation of a small robot possessing an impressive artificial intelligence.

Despite its size, no larger than a typical household toaster, the ZX8000 exhibits extraordinary capabilities, poised to combat global challenges one platform at a time. Simultaneously, within the realm of Bzzzt, sinister forces are at work. The malevolent scientist, Badbert, eagerly awaits the opportune moment to unleash his wicked schemes upon an unsuspecting world. He seeks the perfect balance of darkness, malice, and insanity before executing his nefarious plans. Bwahahaha.

Prepare yourself to guide ZX8000 through its missions to thwart Badbert’s malevolent intentions. The Bzzzt demo is currently available for play on Steam.

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