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Leximan Gets a demo for steam scream event

Knights of Borria and Marvelous Europe have announced that the demo for Leximan is now available to play as part of Steam Scream: The Revenge from October 26 to November 2.

In Leximan, you attend the prestigious Academy Elementinia, the world’s most exclusive magic school. You possess the unique ability to use Leximancy, a captivating power fueled by language.

After being banished to the school basement for past incidents, your life as a humble basement-wizard is disrupted when the academy is attacked by a mysterious individual wielding powerful fireballs. It’s now your chance to become the outcast who saves the school or simply continue causing more chaos.

Embark on an exciting adventure where you’ll use words and your own incompetence to solve peculiar problems and uncover a heartwarming story about embracing your true self. Along the way, you’ll encounter a diverse cast of characters, including potion witches, muscular spellcasters, an enthusiastic policewoman, and a frustrated pyromancer.

Leximan is scheduled to release on PC via Steam in 2024.

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