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Chronique des Silencieux is set to launch

Pierre Feuille Studio is thrilled to announce that the hand-drawn historical detective adventure, Chronique des Silencieux, will be launching on January 29, 2024, for PC via Steam.

To celebrate this exciting news, a brand new trailer has been released, showcasing the game’s captivating historical narrative, visually stunning illustrations, and a captivating soundtrack inspired by classic cinema, giallo mystery, and crime thrillers.

Chronique des Silencieux screenshot

Chronique des Silencieux is set in 1970’s France and puts players in the shoes of Eugène Faury, a rookie private investigator tasked with unraveling the mysterious case of Victor Dousvalon, a secretive history professor. As players delve into the case, they will need to use their keen observation skills and sharp intellect to solve this intricate mystery. By following leads, examining secret documents, and uncovering decades-old lies, only then will the truth be revealed.

Chronique des Silencieux Key Features:

  • Immerse yourself in the world of a detective as you search through family papers, ask probing questions, and be generally nosy.
  • No more relying on characters to think for you. This is your chance to showcase your deductive powers. Choose your leads and follow them to the end or stop when you believe you’ve cracked the case. Remember, you’ll need to be persuasive to get the silent ones to talk!
  • Piece together the lives, choices, and tragedies of the individuals you encounter and experience their stories firsthand. Discover the rich histories of the people living and coping at the street-level, each with their own unique way of life.

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