Chronique des Silencieux, Demo now available on steam

Chronique des Silencieux cover

Pierre Feuille Studio is excited to announce that the demo for their new historical detective game, Chronique des Silencieux, is now available to download on Steam.

The game is set in 1970’s France and players will take on the role of Eugène Faury, a rookie private investigator tasked with solving the mysterious case of Victor Dousvalon, a history professor who has shrouded his life in secrecy. Players will need to use their intuition and follow leads to uncover the truth and unravel decades-old lies.

The demo includes the opening of the game, where Eugène begins his investigation in the streets of Meriadeck, Bordeaux, meeting various interesting characters along the way. The game features beautiful hand-drawn graphics inspired by Rémi Chayé’s work and a captivating soundtrack influenced by 60’s and 70’s cinema, giallo mystery, and crime thrillers.

Key features:

  • Play detective by searching through family documents, asking questions, and being nosy.
  • Take charge of the investigation and use your deductive skills to solve the case. You’ll need to be convincing to get the silent ones to talk!
  • Learn about people’s lives, choices, and tragedies by walking in their shoes. Discover unique stories from everyday people and how they cope with life’s challenges.
Story trailer.


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