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Clash II will Leave Early Access Soon

Clash II, developed by Prime Bit Games S. A., is an immersive turn-based strategy game set in a world infused with ancient magic. On February 15th, the game will leave Steam Early Access.

Embark on a journey through a forgotten land teeming with magical creatures and delve into its rich history. Assemble and train your army, expand your stronghold, and enhance the abilities of your heroes. Take a stand in the conflict, lead your forces into battle, and shape the destiny of the continent.

Clash II Key Features:

  • Take command of classic turn-based battles. Lead your team in strategic turn-based battles against enemy armies and the mystical creatures that inhabit the ancient continent.
  • Construct and manage your castle. Establish your headquarters and oversee the economy of your kingdom. Advance technologies, upgrade your army, and unlock special hero skills that grant them new capabilities on the battlefield.
  • Explore the ancient continent of Karkhan. Guide the characters through a captivating story-driven campaign.
  • Immerse yourself in the captivating atmosphere. Clash II boasts stylized visuals that transport you to a fantastical world torn apart by brutal conflict.

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