Footgun Underground cover

Footgun: Underground, demo available on Steam

Footgun: Underground is the debut game from Turtle Knight Games and CobraTekku Games (CTG). The game offers a unique blend of roguelike and soccer gameplay. This innovative combination creates a thrilling experience where strategy and action come together.

As part of the Steam Next Fest, the developer is releasing an updated version of the game’s demo. Players can now test their skills with the futuristic ball weapon, utilizing precision and anticipation to succeed. With permadeath and randomly generated runs, each session promises a challenging and diverse gaming experience.

Footgun: Underground presents players with a gloomy pixel art arena. To escape the underground labyrinth, they must navigate through a treacherous web of deadly challenges and hostile creatures. The game introduces innovative combat mechanics that incorporate elements of soccer and billiards.

Footgun: Underground Key Features:

  • Innovative action gameplay that combines roguelike and soccer, featuring randomly generated pixel-art style runs.
  • Explore different underground biotopes, encounter 14 post-apocalyptic enemy types, and face unique boss monsters.
  • Upgrade your character, choose from nearly 20 different balls with special properties, and utilize over 20 high-tech upgrades for strategic maneuvers.

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