Dark Envoy is available now

Dark envoy cover

Event Horizon, the team behind the popular game Tower of Time, has just released their new CRPG, Dark Envoy, on Steam and GOG. In this game, players can venture into the dangerous and beautiful world of Jäan either alone or with friends in online co-op.

Dark Envoy provides both longtime fans of classic RPGs and newcomers to the genre with an exciting new world to explore. It combines traditional RPG elements with a combat system focused on classes and specializations, incorporating various tactical strategies for battles.

Join a group of relic hunters and embark on a mission to uncover the truth and confront their destiny, following a series of unexpected tragedies. Throughout the game, you will experience four thrilling acts where your choices will shape the story, the path you take, and ultimately, the outcome of your journey.

Key Features:

  • Meet companions who can join your cause based on your choices.
  • Use hand-drawn spells to add flair to your attacks.
  • Explore rich and lore-filled locations with enemies and bosses.
  • Use terrain and tactics to defeat nefarious foes on the battlefield.
  • Craft and enchant items and weapons for an edge in combat.
  • Research technological or magical paths to increase party power.
  • Story mode focuses on narrative immersion.
  • Main content takes 20 hours, optional content adds 15 hours.
  • Insane difficulty requires creative thinking and exploiting mechanics.
  • Co-op mode allows seamless joining and control of characters.


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