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Demo Launch for Asbury Pines

Duo developer studio Chaystar Unlimited, creators of Lilith Odyssey, announced today that their Demo for Asbury Pines is available for a limited time on Steam (PC Windows/Steam Deck).

Asbury Pines brings a narrative twist to the casual idler and automation genre – gameplay focuses on combining people, places, and upgrades to build a story-unlocking engine that unveils an expansive mystery across time. The image-rich story explores how a grisly murder in a small town of today’s world unfolds across the lives of inhabitants across the past and future.

The Asbury Pines Demo lets players experience the core gameplay and mystery. Players learn how to unlock town characters, explore their interconnected lives, and manage their work to create resource production and conversion systems. Resources are reinvested into characters to grow a sprawling story embedded in the flow of time. If players finish the demo, they unlock the pivotal events that shape the tumultuous past and future of Asbury Pines.

The game’s full narrative stretches across 12 eras of time from the Neolithic epoch to the deep future, each era offering more puzzle and gentle complexity in creating the most efficient, story-unlocking engine. Gameplay evolves the balance between resource management, engine building, story development, and idle progression across hundreds of hours. By the end of the experience, you will not only solve an epic mystery, but learn the hidden secret behind the flow of time.

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